1. What is the In-game bonus?

In-game bonuses get released to your wallet when you play cash games at Rummy Modern.

2.How do I get In-game bonus?

You get in-game bonus for different activities on Modern Games. For instance, when you make a deposit, or when you refer a friend. And many more!

3.What is the pending In-game bonus?

If you have in-game bonus worth Rs. 100 in your wallet then you can relase that amount in certain ratios depending on the game. For example, out of Rs. 100, if you get release in-game bonus worth Rs. 30 for Rummy, then your wallet will have Rs. 70 as pending in-game bonus.

4.How is my In-game bonus released?

In-game bonuses will be released to your wallet depending on Losses incurred in a particular game type as a percentage of that loss as given in the table below – For example every Rs. 100 Loss in Rummy, we will credit Rs. 5 to your wallet from the issued in-game bonus.

5.Do In-game bonuses expire?

In-game bonus have an expiry date ranging from 2 to 15 days depending on the event. Make sure to check the in-game bonus card in ModernZones for more details on expiration of in-game bonuses.

6.How can I withdraw my In-game bonus?

You cannot place a withdrawal request for released in-game bonus.

7.What is the released In-game bonus in wallet?

Released in-game bonuses can be seen in the in-game bonus bucket in your Modern Games wallet. This bonus is game specific and gets released in certain rations to your wallet.

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