After you have watched a solid thriller film, or after an amazing seafood experience at a popular local restaurant by the beach in Goa, or after you have won a crazy number of games on a gaming platform, you rush to your friends to share every bit of your experience. Why do you do this? Because you don’t want them to miss out all the fun that you had. So, if you are having a great time on Rummy Modern, get your friends to join you on our action-packed Rummy cash games. And, in return, we will treat you with surprise Instant Cash and in-game bonuses, under our “Refer and Earn” program.

How to Refer and Earn?

“Refer and Earn” gives you a unique opportunity to play your favorite Rummy cash games with your friends. In a few easy steps, you can refer your friends to our world of exciting cash games :

  1. Open the Rummy Modern android application. Click on Modern Zones located at the application footer and select “Refer and Earn”.
  2. On the “Refer and Earn” interface, you can see a referral code and share via option. You copy the code and share it through third-party applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. That’s all! You are one step closer to winning cash prizes.
  3. When your friend signs up on our platform using your referral code, you receive Power Coins, an in-game bonus of Rs 200, and an instant cash bonus of up to Rs. 10. Note: The amount of bonus and Power coins you will receive is, as per your loyalty level.
  4. When your friend makes the first deposit, you will be eligible for Power coins, an in-game bonus, and an instant cash bonus. You will continue to win many such surprise goodies as long as your friend plays and moves ahead on our platform. Note: The amount of bonus and power coins you will receive depends on your loyalty level.

Refer to the table below for more information

Power Coins In-game Bonus Instant Cash Bonus
Friend Sign Up 25 Rs. 200 Rs. 10
Friend First Deposit 100 Rs. 300 8% of the deposit up to Rs. 800
Friend Second Deposit 200 Rs. 400 5% of the deposit up to Rs. 500
Friend Third Deposit 300 Rs. 500 5% of the deposit up to Rs. 500

What does your friend get out of this program?

Don’t you ever think that we are forgetting your friend. Your friend too is an equally important player for us. He/she will not only get the chance to explore our exciting world of Rummy cash games but also gets many chances to win rewards and surprise bonuses, along the way. Besides this, your friend will get a no-deposit bonus, instant cash, an in-game bonus, and a special welcome bonus, on signing up using your referral code.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The Referral Rewards that a player can earn changes based on his/her loyalty level.
  2. The Referral Rewards that players can earn as per their loyalty level can change, without prior notice.
  3. You will be eligible for the Referral Rewards upto 25 referrals.
  4. As per the norms, we will do  KYC check on your friend’s account. If the verification is successful, then every pending reward and bonus will be credited to your account.
  5. If you misuse our promotions through fraudulent means like creating multiple fake profiles, we will cancel your account. Under such circumstances, we have no option but to take strict legal action. Additionally, the company holds the right to forfeit any pending withdrawals.
  6. By registering with Rummy Modern, you must comply with the terms and conditions.
  7. You understand that Rummy Modern will use third-party websites to import your address book containing the email addresses of such friends and acquaintances to who you plan to send invitations. You acknowledge and agree to the use of your address book for the said purpose by such third-party websites.
  8. The company will release Rewards and other special offers only after your friend registers himself/herself using your unique referral code.
  9. The company strictly prohibits sending invitations to unknown persons or bulk mail (SPAM) to solicit registrations. Referrals procured by such unsolicited communication shall not constitute valid referrals to determine to Refer and Earn bonus.

Refer and earn Related FAQs

1. How am I rewarded when I refer my friends to Rummy Modern?

When you Refer your Friend, you get Power Coins, Instant Cash, and In-Game bonus.

2. How many friends can I refer?

You can refer up to 25 friends.

3. What to do if I don’t get rewarded after referring my friend?

Please reach out to our customer support team at support@Rummy They will resolve your queries on a priority basis.

4. Can my friend use my referral code instead of his referral code?

No. Your friend cannot use your referral code.

5. Can I sign-up using multiple referral codes?

You cannot sign-up using multiple referral codes. Please note that we take serious action on fradulent activities.

6. For how long is my referral code valid from the day I referred my friend to Rummy Modern?

Your referral code does not change. Your friend can use your referral code to join 777 Games any time.

7. Can I use refer and earn rewards to play more games on Rummy Modern?

Yes, you can use the Refer and Earn rewards to play from our wide range of cash games.

8. Does refer and earn reward get directly added to my wallet?

Your Refer and Earn reward gets directly added to your wallet. Use your rewards and bonuses to play from our wide range of cash games.

9. Can I withdraw my reward after my friend joins Rummy Modern?

You cannot withdraw your rewards from the wallet. However, you can use the reward amount to win cash by playing from our wide range of real money games.

10. What to do if I don’t get my reward after my friend joins using my referral code?

Please reach out to our customer support team at support@Rummy to get your queries resolved on a priority basis.

11. Can I play with my friends at Rummy Modern?

You can bring along your friends to 777 Games through our Refer and Earn Program. Get the exciting chance to win cash rewards through every referral.

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