1. Why is my PAN card information needed?

We mandate that you submit your PAN card details. That’s how we verify your identity. In turn, this helps us to enable fair play policy at 777 Games.

2. Why is my Date of birth needed?

We require your date of birth to know whether you are above 18. We do not allow players below the legal age of 18 to play at our application.

3. Why is it necessary to add my bank details before placing a withdraw request?

To ensure that your withdrawal amount comes to your bank account, you need to add an appropriate bank details which will be verified by 777Games.

4. What are the documents needed for KYC?

We require you to submit scanned copy of your PAN card and date of birth to validate your identity.

5. How long does it take for KYC approval?

Once you upload the KYC documents such as your scanned PAN card details, it usually takes 2 hours for our team to verify and give approval.

6. Is adding email-id compulsory?

No, it is not mandatory to give your email id during sign-up. However, we do require you to give your location details and mobile number. You can verify your e-mail id to recieve monthly newsletters from Rummy Modern.

7. What happens if I don’t do KYC verification?

If you do not submit your KYC documents for verification then you will not be able to generate a withdrawal request. For KYC verification, we require you to send in a scanned copy of your PAN card. Once our team completes the verifcation, you can generate a request for withdrawal.

8. Why is my KYC rejected?

Your KYC gets rejected when you upload a duplicate or blurred/unclear image of your PAN card. In such cases, re-upload the required documents and submit them for verification.

9. After deleting my account, if I rejoin Rummy Modern, do I need to verify my KYC again?

Once your account gets deactivated, we delete your records from our database. In future, when you rejoin our platform, you need to validate your identity again to continue playing at 777 Games.

10. Can I update my KYC?

Once we verify and approve your KYC documents, we do not allow any further changes. After verification, our operations team uploads your profile information along with your pan card details to our user database.

11. Is it safe to submit PAN card and bank account details for KYC?

Yes, it is safe to submit your PAN card and bank account details for verification at 777 Games. We take extra care to protect your data and not sell them to third party sources.

12. Can someone misuse my KYC documents submitted for verification?

Do not worry! Your data is safe with us. As a responsible gaming patform, we take extra care to protect your data and not sell them to third party sources.

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