As the name suggests, Instant Cash Bonus is extra cash that is added to your wallet – when you signed up on our platform, or made a deposit, or referred a friend, or when you move up playing the range of our Rummy games. For most regular players, ‘Instant Cash Bonus’ is one of the many things they love about our platform.

Because with the extra cash in the wallet, they can continue to play more games, and therefore can have a bigger shot at wins or enjoying other perks – yes, playing Rummy is non-stop fun at Rummy Modern. Exciting, is not it?

So far, Instant Cash Bonus worth Rs 1.5 Crores is given Promotional Content in the banner – We, till date, have given away Instant Cash Bonus worth Rs 1 Crore to our loyal players.

Some of our VIP Players who won Instant Cash Bonus, many times… Table: the top VIP Players

How to get the Instant Cash Bonus at Rummy Modern

At every stage of your games on our platform, you have a chance to get Instant Cash Bonus. Let’s see at what stages you get this :

On Sign-up

For our first-time players, we have a special offer of Rs. 100 instant cash bonus, on sign-up. Using this cash, you can play a range of Cash games before making your first deposit. See More

On Deposits

Every time you deposit cash on Rummy Modern, you get an instant cash bonus as a percentage of your deposit, with the upper limit being up to 30%, based on your loyalty level. For instance, if you deposit Rs. 1000 cash, you get instant cash of 20% on your deposit. Your wallet will be credited with Rs. 1000 + 20% of 1000 = Rs. 1200, instantly. Yes, within seconds. See More

On Refer and Earn

You earn up to Rs. 15000* Instant Cash, every time you refer a friend on our platform. You can use this cash to play our wide range of real money cash games. *Instant cash bonus is based on the loyalty level that you belong to.See More

On Power Coins Burn

You also get a surprise instant cash bonus to boost your gameplay, when you burn Power Coins on Powerplay Mondays and Powerplay Thursdays. Do note that players at higher loyalty levels enjoy bigger instant cash bonuses, even when they have burnt (used up) the same number of power coins. See More

On Rake-Backs

Every time you play from our wide range of real cash games, a small percentage of the prize pot is taken or raked by the house. Getting a portion of this money back is known as Rake-Back. At Rummy Modern, we give you 3 to 5% of the Rake-back, via Instant Cash Bonus, once in two weeks. Do note that players at higher loyalty levels enjoy bigger percentages of instant cash bonuses.

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