1. What are the different types of bonuses in Rummy Modern?

Modern Games offers wide range of bonuses to our players at every step in their journey, starting from the Sign-up bonus, to the bonuses on refering a friend, and many more. Our esteemed Welcome Package bonus has been claimed by 10000+ players.

2. How much bonus will I get when I refer my friend?

If your friend registers at Rummy Modern, you get rewarded with instant cash bonus up to Rs. 500 (promotion based on your loyalty level). Please note that up to 8% of your friend’s first deposit gets added to your wallet as instant cash bonus.

3. What are the different events for which I get bonuses?

At ModernGames, you get bonuses on sign-up, deposits, refering a friend, burning Power Coins, and playing from our wide range of cash games.

4. What is Instant cash bonus?

Instant Cash Bonus is the bonus amount that gets directly credited to your wallet. Please note that there is a separate bucket for instant cash bonus in the Wallet section of our application. Also, the instant cash bonus that you can use for each game is game-specific. For example, the instant cash bonus that you can utilise for Rummy will be different from the bonus amount you can use for Call break.

5. Why is the bonus that my friend gets is different than what I get?

Rummy Modern has an unique reward based program to give bonuses to our esteemed players. Our team personalizes the bonuses based on the player’s activity and gives the best bonus per player in the industry.

6. I did not get bonus for a certain event, what should I do?

Either the bonus might have not configured at that particular event in that particular time, please do not hesistate to reach out to our customer support team for any issues related to the bonus

7. Where can I find coupon codes for deposits?

There is a possibility that your bonus did not get configured properly for that specific event. In that case, reach out to our customer support team at support@Rummy Modern.com to get your issues resolved on a priority basis.

8. Can I withdraw my bonuses?

You cannot withdraw your bonus amount.

9. Do I get bonuses on my birthdays and anniversaries?

Yes, our VIP players enjoy special bonuses and personalised gifts on their special occasions.

10. What are rake bake bonuses?

Every time you play from our wide range of real cash games, a small percentage of the prize pot is taken or raked by the house. Getting a portion of this money back is known as Rake-Back bonus.

11. Do I get any Welcome Bonus at Rummy Modern?

Rummy Modern has a curated list of First Deposit bonuses that is sure to keep you hooked to our exciting world of real money games. Before making your First Deposit, do check out our Welcome Bonuses. For more information on them, click here. (Link to welcome bonuses)

12. What is a No Deposit Bonus at Rummy Modern?

We do have a curated list of first deposit bonuses, which would keep you hooked on our world of real money games. Before making your first deposit, do check out our WELCOME BONUSES. You will know how serious we are about keeping you delighted with these surprise bonuses. Read more on that here.Rummy Modern is India’s fastest-growing online rummy platform in India, with a new player signing up every 30 seconds. Rummy Modern has been a forerunner in the online gaming industry, Operated by Mobius development studio private limited.

13. What is the Welcome Package?

On successful registration, new players receive a package of in-game bonus worth Rs. 400 and instant cash bonus worth Rs. 100.

14. What are the Second and Third depsoit bonus?

You receive the Second and Third deposit bonus when you make your very first Second and Third deposits at Rummy Modern. These bonuses are part of our Welcome Package that you can use to enjoy wide range of customized promotional offers.

15. What are Club bonuses?

Club bonuses are given with respect to your respective club level. For example, if you are in Gold level, you get a Club coupon “GOLD75K”, which will be valid once a week. When making your deposits, make sure to check out your “Add Cash” interface for eligible coupons.

16. What are Jackpot offers at Rummy Modern?

Jackpot Offers gets unlocked when you make a deposit using other coupons on Rummy Modern. These are the big, surprise offers that you get to make more mileage on your gaming journey.

17. What are Special offers on Rummy Modern?

We give you the Special offers to stoke your lady luck into bringing you great fortune. These offers run daily on Rummy Modern to provide extra delight during your gaming journey. Be on the lookout for offers ending with the special codes “222 pe 222” or “555 pe 555”.

18. Do Promotions expire?

Each promotion on Rummy Modern has its expiry date. You can check out the expiry date mentioned on the coupon itself. Before using a coupon, make sure to read all relevant details about it.

19. What are the benefits of adding coupons while adding cash?

Coupons give you more mileage on your deposits. You get extra instant cash and in-game bonuses that increase your chances of winning more cash at Rummy Modern.

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