1.How do I play Rummy games on Rummy Modern?

At Rummy Modern, you have some of the most exciting Rummy games, like the 13 cards Indian Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy, waiting for you. Start playing on Rummy Modern by downloading our Android App, here. After successful registration, join for free, play with some of the best and real serious players, win rewards and take home big cash prizes.

2.Are there any other games on Rummy Modern?

Apart from Rummy and its game variants, we also have separate/exclusive websites for Callbreak, Poker, and Fantasy Cricket. Do check them out, here.

3.How can I win cash by playing games on Rummy Modern?

You can win real cash by playing from our wide range of exciting cash games. Bet more to win more!

4.What happens when I get disconnected in the middle of a game?

On an event of disconnection, we enable the auto play mode. In this mode, we do a middle drop if you miss three consecutive turns and allot you 40 points. When you reconnect back, we take you back to an active game.

5.What happens if I get a phone call in the middle of a game?

If you are connected to the WIFI, and get a phone call, you do not get disconnected. However, if you are using mobile data, there is always a chance of disconnection. In such case, we enable the auto play mode. In this mode, we do a middle drop if you miss three consecutive turns and allot you 40 points. When you reconnect back, we take you back to an active game.

6.What happens if I do not take my turn in the middle of a game?

If you miss three consecutive turns, the server makes a middle drop, assuming that you are busy elsewhere and allots you 40 points.

7.My internet is working fine, but I got disconnected from the game. Why?

The Internet is all about sending and receiving data. Online gaming requires a steady and stable internet connection. As a user, you may feel that your internet is stable and working fine. Also, when you browse another website it seems to be running inflow. But even a slight fluctuation in your internet may lead to the disconnection from the game. For a smooth experience, make sure that your device is connected to a reliable network and that your device’s signal is strong. We recommend that you use a broadband WIFI connection or a 4G connection. Also please keep a check on your data if you are a prepaid user. We recommend that you do a speed test to check the speed of your internet connection.

8.When do I get my winnings money in my account wallet?

Your winnings get directly credited to your wallet at the end of each game.

9.Is there a limit to the number game I can play in a day?

We do not have a limit on the number of games you can play at Rummy Modern. However, we are a responsible gaming platform, we encourage you to play responsibly and manage your time accordingly.

10.Can I report a fraud or make a complain?

Yes. There is a report an issue link in the settings tab when the game is in progress. Make sure to mention the names of the suspicious players so that we can monitor their activities. Our customer support team will check their activities and take necessary steps to remove the fradulent players.

11.Can I play cash games from banned states?

No. You cannot play cash games from the banned states in India.

1.Can I win cash without adding cash?

Yes. You can win cash by utilizing the Sign-up bonus on Rummy Modern.

12.Do company employees play at Rummy Modern?

No. Our company employees do not play our cash games at Modern Games.

13.Why am I not getting good cards in the game?

We adhere to the RNG guidelines which means that your cards are distributed randomly. If you are not getting the good cards on a certain day, we advise you to take the day off and come back later.

14.Does company has control over RNG?

No. We do not have control over RNG. RNG is a sorting algorithm that distributes the cards without a set pattern. This ensures that every player gets the opportunity to have the best hand.

15.Does company has control over games?

Yes. We have control over the games. We periodically monitor player’s activities, thereby reducing fraudulent behaviour. However, do note that we do not have control over card distribution. The cards are distributed randomly without any biases.

16.What happens when the server is down during an active game?

Your game might get stuck when there is a server issue. In that case, we ensure that we give your bet amount. For more information, contact our customer support team at support@Rummy Modern.com to get your queries resolved on a priority basis.

17.How does Random Number Generator work?

A random number generator (RNG) is a system that distributes unpredictable numbers. RNG is based on a mathematical computation or hardware device that generates a random set of numbers that does not follow a set pattern. Hence, the process is completely random. It is impossible to guess the cards that will be dealt with or understand a pattern.

18.Can I earn a living by playing cash games at Rummy Modern?

We strictly advice you to not depend on our cash games as a source of income becasue these games are both influenced by your skill factor and luck.

19.Can I play games using weak internet connection?

Playing cash games on online platform requires you to make a sizeable investment. Hence, we strongly advice ou to play our cash games over a strong internet connect. Although, we have strong player protection measures in place, we still encourage you to have a stable internet connection so that you do not get into loses.

20.Can I play this games outside India?

Unfortunately, you cannot play our cash games outside India. We will notify you when we release our exciting cash games in other countries. Stay tuned for more updates!

21.Can I play multiple games at once?

No. You cannot play multiple games at one time.

22.How do I get to know that I am playing with genuine players at Rummy Modern?

To check whether you are playing with real players, make sure to look for a verified tick on the game table when you click on your opponent’s seat. At every moment, we ensure that you play your facourite cash games with real players.

23.Is Rummy a skill based games?

Yes. Rummy is a skilled based game that requires you to use your mathematical and analytical skills to make a win.

24.Should I be lucky to win at Moderngames?

ModernGames hosts a wide range of skill-based games. But, with every cash game, luck is an important factor along with your skill set. Before making any investments, make sure to go through our in-depth Rummy game rules at www.Rummy Modern.com/how-to-play-rummy.

25.Are there any offline games at Rummy Modern?

No. Modern Games does not host offline games at the moment.

26.Is Moderngames associated with any other companies?

ModernGames is a registered trademark of Mobius Development Studio. We are not in partnership with any other real money gaming companies. Please report to us at support@Rummy Modern.com if you see any such associations.

27.Can my friends or relatives know that I play at Rummy Modern?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Your friends and family will not know that you play at Rummy Modern.

28.Can I play practice games at Rummy Modern?

Yes. You can play practice games at Rummy Modern.

29.Will my losses be refunded at Rummy Modern?

No. Rummy Modern does not refund you back your losses. But, we make sure that we give you Rakebacks through Power Coins and In-game Bonuses.

30.Will Moderngames add more games?

Yes. In future, we will add more exciting cash games for you to compete in and take home big cash prizes. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for us, shoot out an email at support@Rummy Modern.com.

31.I am addicted to playing games, what should I do?

We strongly advice you to not play our real money games if you have a history with gambling addiction.

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